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Seasonal Themed Postcards

These started as an outcome for my self Promotional module for university. The idea is to send 4 postcards every season that show my skills, each set has a postcard with a portrait, landscape, food illustration, and a themed drawing based off a book on it. The food illustration has a recipe and the book illustration had my review of the book on the reverse side, while the portrait and landscape ones were working postcards. 

Summer Postcards

The postcards have a colour palette that reminds me of a heatwave and citrus fruits, which for me are very summery. The landscape is inspired by rapeseed fields that I often see at home; the food illustration is of a marmalade cake; and the book postcard is of 'Apricots on the Nile' by  Colette Rossant; the portrait piece is influenced by the cottage-core aesthetic, and i chose orange fabric print for the dress to tie it to the marmalade cake recipe.

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